FarmShare NY works at the nexus of food, agriculture, and tourism. Specialists in farmstay development, we offer technical assistance and consulting services to entrepreneurial farms expanding into a range of agritourism. We provide specifications, standards, and best practices on strategic development and management.

Farmland in the Northeast is disappearing quickly due to skyrocketing prices of real estate surrounding the New York metropolitan area, which is driven by developers and absentee second homeowners. The parallel upsurge of small scale, ecological farmers represent a vibrant alternative approach to land use and preservation, and act as key guardians of a bio-diverse, regional food system. Access to secure land and capital is critical to ensure sustainable future livelihoods of this population, and our working rural landscapes.

Simultaneously, an increase in food consciousness has created consumers hungry for a new, more sophisticated, brand of participatory food–focused tourism. Farmstays are one type of agritourism that reconnect people to the natural world and the realities of food production.